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Officially, shopping malls can be defined as one or more buildings forming a complex of many shops representing merchandisers, with interconnected walkways enabling the visitors to walk from unit to unit. Moreover, Easton Arcade is the heart and soul of communities. The foundation of market economics and a social harbour for people is everywhere. The best example is the Centaurus mall which is in Islamabad, Pakistan. The project includes a 36-floor hotel, three23-floor residential and office towers, and a four-story shopping mall. 

A Unique Trend of Shopping Malls

Basically, a storm of global trends is creating malls to change people’s lifestyles. When consumers visit malls, they look for experiences that go well beyond traditional shopping. 

These trends help create a process including demographics, such as an aging population and increasing urbanization. It means that it will be socialized and assembled according to the people living in smaller areas and a great need for public spaces. In this kind of environment, malls offer a great welcome, especially in those cities where people live.

A unique shopping mall prefers such a development where people can live, shop, and work within walking distance instead of grabbing a car and driving to other crowded markets or malls. The growing middle classes in Pakistan maintain a strong association between consumption and happiness while driving the need for more engaging shopping experiences. Finally, team Easton Construction & Reality21 is fundamentally reshaping the public’s expectations and entertaining the people’s experiences by launching a luxurious shopping mall named Easton Arcade. 

Reality21 is working with highly-experienced and skilled hands on this project as the skyscraper building trend advances on the global stage. In fact, it lets people re-think how they conceive and operate their properties.   

In the face of these considerable challenges, our pre-launched shopping mall seeks to stay relevant, drive growth and boost efficiency. We see successful people investing along three key fronts.

Differentiating the consumers being offered, with a focus on experience and convenience.

Actually, online shopping provides customers with ultimate levels of convenience. The mall will never be able to reach with the endless product selection, price comparisons or always-on nature of online. Neither should it happen. Instead, malls should have to move in a different direction, away from commoditized shopping experiences and toward a broadened value proposition for the public. 

Easton Arcade Payment Plan

Easton Arcade Payment Plan

Shops in Easton Arcade :

The shops on the lower ground floor have an estimated area of 200 sq. Ft and it come at a Total Price of PKR 4,900,000, Downpayment is PKR 2,450,000 and offers an 8-month installment plan. Similarly, the shops on the ground floor have an estimated area of 200 Sq. Ft, it comes at a Total Price of PKR 6000,000 and offers an 8-month installment plan.

Apartments in Easton Arcade:

Two Bed Apartments:

1st Floor Two Bed Apartment has an estimated area of 636 Sq. Ft, it comes at a price of PKR 4,800,000 and offers an 8-month installment plan. Likewise, the 2nd Floor Two Bed Apartment has an estimated area of 354 Sq. Ft, it comes at a price of PKR 4,550,000 and offers an 8-month installment plan. 3rd Floor Two Bed Apartment has an estimated area of 636 Sq. Ft, it comes at a price of PKR 4,300,000 and offers an 8-month installment plan.

Single Apartments:

1st Floor Single Apartment has an estimated area of 354 Sq. Ft, it comes at a price of PKR 2,700,000 and offers an 8-month installment plan. The 2nd Floor Single Apartment has an estimated area of 354 Sq. Ft, it comes at a price of PKR 2,600,000 and offers an 8-month installment plan. 3rd Floor Single Apartment has an estimated area of 354 Sq. Ft, it comes at a price of PKR 2,500,000 and offers an 8-month installment plan.

Easton Arcade Location Map

Project Location Map
  • 5 Minutes Drive From Islamabad Express Highway
  • Main Commerial Hub of CBR Town Phase-I
  • Near to PWD

Easton Arcade Attractive Features:

Easton Arcade, a unique luxury shopping mall, offers several outstanding features that will attract the public and keep them coming back. Also, these features of our unique project can help them figure out which malls are worth their time and which ones to avoid, like an invasion. 

Prime Location of Easton Arcade

Undoubtedly, it is imperative to be in a prime location to attract people. A prime location is one of the significant features of every project. A shopping mall can be unique when it has a vast parking space. Therefore, everyone can make more profit from selling their products and services. 

Exceptional Design

A shopping mall is more than just a collection of stores. We promise to deliver all the demographic needs. Our project will include high-end brands; people will be offered all the services for selling and purchasing in a clean space.

Entertainment Facilities & Top-tier Amenities

People will be provided with all the entertainment facilities and top-tier amenities such as food shops, high-end spaces, salons, pharmacies, and clothing brands. It will be accessible from anywhere in town by transport option like metro bus or car. 

Advanced safety features

The purpose of our shopping mall is to allow customers to access multiple retailers in a single location. In that case, it’s imperative that the people would be in a safe & secure environment. Many malls have already taken these measures, but there is always a pending improvement process. At our mall, everyone can look for advanced electronic surveillance systems, active security guards on duty at all times ( you can even want to stop by during their nightly rounds), and well-trained customer service representatives with access to several emergency resources. Moreover, they will be alert while having telephones connected with each retail establishment so the employees can reach security quickly in case any incident arises.

Top-Notch Ameneties

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easton arcade offices
easton arcade apartments
easton arcade retail area
easton arcade fitness club
easton arcade medical care

Final Words

Generally, when investing in societies according to residential or commercial properties, you have to pay for every single installment. The reason is that you’re the sole owner of that property and it is your responsibility to arrange all the amenities for the management. 

On the other hand, one of the benefits while investing in a shopping mall is that you won’t have to pay for all the amenities. The shopping mall’s owners usually set up power systems, facilities, and security.

So, these are some of the major advantages of investing in our luxurious shopping mall. Equally important, buying shopping centers is one of the epic ways to secure your hard-earned money. Furthermore, shopping mall investments come with multiple benefits. Apart from getting a substantial asset, you can also get monthly rentals and high ROI ( Return of Investment ).  We also deal with another luxurious project named Eighteen. Check this unique and high-rising project.

If you have any queries or suggestions, please let us know through WhatsApp. We will be more than glad to help you.

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