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    Innovative Masterplan, Variety of Plot Options, Ideal Location, and World-Class Facilities for Residents!

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    Everything Transparent and fair according to Laws of Pakistan and Regulations of Development Authorities.

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    • Nespak!!! Yes! (You Heard It Right) Nespak is Development and Design Consultant, and RMRSCO (Pvt) Ltd is the developer!
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    About Rudn Enclave

    RUDN Enclave is a project of RMRSCO (PVT. Ltd). NESPAK is the Master planner & consultant of RUDN Enclave. Moreover, the most renowned developers team comprising of Urban Planning and Design Limited (UPDL). Its subsidiaries Alhaq builders and New leafs have been incorporated as master developers and contractors for the most attractive project of twin cities. RUDN Enclave is located on Main Adyala Road at the prime location of Ring road Rawalpindi.  RUDN Enclave is an eco-friendly and healthy housing project. This project has a Dam view and beautiful natural surroundings. Easy access to the motorway ( Chakri & Thalian Interchange) & new International Islamabad Airport. All Amenities are available at doorstep of RUDN Enclave. One of the unique projects due to the fact that started booking after 25% Development work was already completed at the site.

    Rudn Enclave Features

    Rudn Enclave is an Inevitable Residential Project in Rawalpindi’s surroundings. It aspires to be a hallmark of contemporary construction as well as a project that focuses on hospitality. It is determined to provide international accommodation and services to its people by leveraging national and international standard features. Some of the features, the project has to offer are mentioned below:

    District of Health Care

    This community would be unlike any other in Pakistan since its medical centers will be the most advanced in the country. The best healthcare services will be available to society’s citizens. These amenities will be cutting-edge. Physicians and personnel will be well-trained to provide excellent care.

    Conservationist Construction

    Given the severity of the nation’s water crisis, it is critical to develop environmentally friendly water management technologies such as rainwater tanks. That is why Rudn enclave is developed with ecologically friendly features like solar cells and organic furnishings.

    Gated Community

    One of the qualities individuals seek in a residential building is safety and stability which is why secure housing projects have exploded in popularity over the last decade. Rudn Enclave entrance is secured by a boundary wall with skilled guards at each point of entry and exit. Moreover, the developers have added required restrictions and rules which protect society from robbers and thieves. For instance, unauthorized people can’t enter society.

    Public Parks

    The designers have ensured that inhabitants would enjoy a lavish lifestyle while having a consistent connection to nature. For that, public recreational areas have been meticulously built. Families, particularly youngsters, can effortlessly spend their free time there.

    Sustaining Healthy Lifestyle

    Fitness clubs, gyms, and sports facilities are included in the master plan to introduce residents, to a healthy lifestyle. And to contribute to the betterment of society.

    Community Clubs

    The organization provides a fantastic recreation center for inhabitants to congregate at festivals and participate in activities that are beneficial to their health. It will allow the residents to meet, communicate, and form true bonds with one another, allowing them to become a community that looks out for one another at all times.

    24/7 Electricity, Gas and Water

    For most people in developing countries such as Pakistan, where a huge section of the population still lives in rural regions, having access to amenities like power, gas, and drinkable water is a luxury. Rudn Enclave is magnificently developed with efficient sewage and drainage channels, underground water connections, 24/7 gas, and electricity.

    Educational Institutes

    Providing kids with a good education is among the top objectives globally. Parents, understandably, desire a school that is near to their residence. That is why, Rudn Enclave has comprised the finest schools, colleges, and universities in the vicinity in the master plan.

    Payment Plans

    The Rudn Enclave’s finest feature is that it provides appealing, simple, and quick installments plans.  The administration has altered the installment plans as a result of the current societal pre-launch performance, and it is now cheaper as compared to the original cost. And as the society isn’t officially launched yet, the price bar is low and pretty affordable. This is the perfect moment to take advantage, or you may end up missing out on this once-in-a-lifetime chance.


    The Mosque is one of the significant features of Rudn Enclave as it acts as a bridge between the creator and worshipper. It will also serve as a focal point for individuals to meet and mingle pleasantly.

    Leisure & Amusement Centers

    A rich lifestyle necessitates calm locations that can serve as a respite from the hustle and bustle of city life. The builders are working to create attractive and invigorating natural fields and leisure centers for this reason, so that individuals can form close connections with the environment and promote a healthy lifestyle.

    Gains on Massive Investments

    The investor’s foremost concern is whether or not their investments will be profitable. This is likely the most profitable Reason to Invest in Rudn Enclave for consumers. Every rationale is provided by Rudn Enclave, including a high-yielding rate of return.

    Rudn Enclave Facilities & Amenities

    Residents of Rudn Enclave will have access to a variety of international amenities. A consistent supply of power in the form of backup systems, recreation centers, gymnasiums, Video surveillance, and gardens are among the most prominent amenities supplied by Rudn Enclave. Furthermore, superior medical insurance and respected academic institutions, mosques, and industrial sectors with stores of global brands are also available.

    • Health Care Facilities
    • Theme Parks
    • Boundary Wall at the Entrance
    • Food Courts
    • Sports Complex
    • Sewerage system
    • Jamia Mosque
    • 24/7 Electricity, Gas and Water
    • Jogging Tracks

    You’ll Never Miss or Leave out of anything
    while Living in Rudn Enclave!

    Loophole-Free Security That’ll Always Make You Feel Safe!

    Every point in Park View city is monitored by the latest security system. CCTV cameras are placed everywhere. No one can go unchecked without footage. Hence, every resident will be secure with surveillance and security petrol.

    Educational Institutes!

    The children living inside the society will have the best education near their home. There are enough schools to cater to the needs of residents. Plus, it saves the children from long travels. So, mothers will never worry about the quality of education and long distance from the house.

    Wide and Carpeted Roads!

    All roads have enough space to allow many vehicles to pass without any delay. Plus, the quality of road construction is marvelous. You can feel the smoothness with a fast and uninterrupted drive.

    Underground Utility Connections!

    Electricity, Gas, and Other utility connections are underground. No pole is destroying beauty of the society. Plus, there is no clutter of pipes and electric lines.

    Amenities and Facilities
    That’ll Make You Cringe!



    Community Center



    Shopping Mall


    Payment Plans

    Rudn Enclave expands on 13800 Kanals with three blocks, naming A, B, and C.

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